‘Ūkiu Energy

He aloha ka makani a he ‘Ūkiu ka makani halihali lau kukui

We Believe

The Project is rooted in its intent and relationship with the community.

‘Ūkiu Energy

Aloha to the wind called ‘ūkiu; the wind that carries the kukui leaves.  Kukui means “light” or “torch,” an unextinguishable lamp. The Kukui “tree of light” candle nut has provided illumination (physical and spiritual enlightenment) to generations of Maui residents.

Located in the central region of Maui, this renewable energy project will provide approximately 40MW of always available and flexible generation utilizing six dual-fuel engines.

The project is designed to interconnect to the Maui electrical grid at the new Hawaiian Electric Waena substation on the corner of Pulehu Road and Upper Division Road.

The project will provide significant benefits, notably supporting grid stability to allow for more rooftop solar and other intermittent resources while also providing Black Start capacity to the island grid to recover from a major grid outage.

Project Benefits

The project will provide clean, renewable energy and help stabilize energy costs, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and provide a pathway to increased energy independence.

Renewable energy generated by this project will replace energy generated by burning fossil fuel, thereby reducing emissions and greenhouse gases. The project will provide firm renewable energy to help balance and respond to the variability of solar and wind generation, filling in the gaps to enhance reliability and maintain power quality on the grid. The firm generation can be brought online, in black start mode, in the event of a grid power outage to help repower the grid. These new fast, flexible engines will enable the current fossil fuel generators to turn down their idling engines, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project can provide renewable energy all day and all night long, help stabilize energy fuel costs and provide a pathway to increased energy independence.

The project aligns with numerous critical goals and mandates in Hawaiʻi, including:

  • The state’s energy goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2045.
  • The state’s carbon-neutral goal by 2045.

Benefiting The Wider Community

Economic Boost

The stable cost of energy would be passed on to Maui utility customers.

Energy All Day and Night, All the Time

Firm renewable energy can be provided all day and all night, irrespective of the weather.

Employment & Community Benefits

The Project will provide local prevailing wage jobs in construction, other local Project-related jobs and apprenticeships, and ongoing operational employment as well as maximize spending within local communities to support small and under-represented businesses.

Ameresco is committed to identifying, through stakeholder input, impactful ways to benefit the local community with support to entities such as community organizations, social service providers and non-profit organizations focused on environmental, natural hazard mitigation, quality-of-life enhancements, homelessness, Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education, and youth recreation. The Project is committed to providing a package of $120,000 annual benefits to the community throughout the life of the Project.​


November 2022

Hawaiian Electric


Community Outreach and Community Benefits Outreach

January 2024

Project Selection by Hawaiian Electric

Q2 2024

Community Outreach Meeting

August 2024

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) filed with Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

Q3 2024

Environmental Studies Completed

Q4 2024

Second Community Outreach Meeting

Q2 2025

PUC Approval of PPA

Q4 2025

Permitting Completed

Q4 2025 - Q3 2027


Q3 2027

Commercial Operations

Q4 2027

Community Benefits Program Launch

For 30 years

Community Benefits Program Annual Donation

30 Years

Power Purchase Agreement Term

End of Term



Ameresco understands the importance of community engagement and outreach. We listen first, and then we will act — with integrity, intention, and transparency.